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Guidelines for vendors

San Benito CISD Recommended Guidelines for Vendors using SBCISD Networks
Vendors must adhere to the following guidelines when pitching or implementing a computer-based product in SBCISD:

  • Communicate to Information Technology department (InfoTech) the hardware/operating environment requirements (i.e. memory, OS, hard disk space).
  • Communicate to InfoTech the network requirements (i.e. bandwidth, Internet access).
  • Verify that InfoTech has administrative access (root, Local Administrator) to any computing system to be installed.
  • If the product requires a server, adhere to SBCISD’s Acceptable Use Policy governing the location of such (local access servers are located on the local site, district-wide access servers must be located at the Administration building).
  • Understand that any such products operating on an SBCISD LAN are network hosts that must follow any and all rules governing such (Acceptable Use Policy).
  • Provide written documentation of the service’s function and operation. If the service interferes with other services’ or hosts’ network use or function, the offending service will be immediately disabled. If the function was incorrectly documented, the vendor agrees to correct this prior to the service being reinstated

Additionally, if the vendor requires remote access to a networked host on our internal network, they must adhere to the following:

  • Provide InfoTech with a static IP address from which communication will originate and/or terminate, as well as which ports will be used.
  • Inform InfoTech regarding how many users at remote site will interact with the local host
  • Be aware that any and all remote sessions may be monitored for abuse.
  • Request a static IP address from InfoTech that will be assigned to the networked host.
  • Be aware that a remote session may be terminated if InfoTech determines that the remote host is infecting local resources with malicious code or if the behavior of the remote computer interrupts local services in any way (i.e. Denial of Service).
  • Accept that remote access to internal SBCISD resources is not a right, but a privilege, granted only at the discretion of InfoTech. Such access can be withdrawn without warning, and disabled during periods of high network traffic, to preserve resources for our internal users.